Catalina 22 – Restore

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Catalina 22 – Reassembly

I have just traded for a Catalina 22, 1981 model, sail number 10477. The boat has had a great start on cleaning up from its previous owner, Dennis in the Corpus Christi area.

There are dozens of small items. Instead of listing them, I will start from the bottom of the project and go up. So the bottom is the trailer. It is in good shape and has new tires. So painting the trailer will be the first order of business. I will start with pressure washing and then roll on Rustoleum “rusty metal” primer. That will be top coated with white gloss Rustoleum.

The next task will be checking the swing keel fittings and winch. The winch was FROZEN upon arrival. It was freed completely with a small tap from the winch handle. The cable and attach point on the keel will be inspected. After that, the the keel pivot will be inspected.

I have a general question that will not require action for a few weeks. All the wood on the companion way covers and slides and the grab rails have almost totally weathered away. Teak is expensive and hard to find. I think that mahogany will be my substitute species. Any comments on this will be appreciated.

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